This site is predominantly focussed on the Natural History of South African Reptiles and their care. We will be growing the site in time to cover some commonly kept exotic species in due course.

As previous visitors will know we used to offer reptile training and handling courses. Unfortunately due to circumstances well beyond our power we have had to stop this. Before you think it was due to illegal activity, it was a rare virus that got into the collection from another "wild caught" specimen which destroyed my collection of over 150 specimens in approximately a month. By the time the specialist had isolated the virus 90% were dead, but the remaining specimens could not be treated in the advanced phase of the disease. To add salt into my wounds the only way I could keep snakes again was to move and destroy all cages etc... which was not financially viable. So now, it is the site and it's electronic information.

I started in reptiles in 1997 due to one tortoise - Twiggy.


She was found at a kennel by one of the labourers, severly burnt to the point you could see her lungs moving... Well after a few months at the Onderstepoort Bird & Exotic Animal Clinic she came back home. During this time we did all the required permitting, but we also tried to find out a lot on the husbandry of tortoises, and to say the least it was very lacking. After many months and in some instances years we were able to get the information required which has been developed to an ebook. From there we continued our rehabilitation project, but despite all the fight in the world I was unable to get a tortoise specific rehabilitation permit.

We have since withdrawn completely from the keeping of reptiles as we moved to a security complex, but the information lives on, and so will its development. It lay stagnent for many years due to a number of things, but now we are back and developing the site with our new host, cubenet.

Should errors be encountered on the site, please notify us, likewise suggestions will be appreciated.

You are welcome to use any text, maps or photographs posted on this site, but do the right thing and give references, especially with photographs, more so where photo's from other people have been used. It's just decent.

Hope you find what is required.

Whats New

Well, what isn't new is the short list.

I have re-used my pictures and the distribution maps and a lot of the natural history has remained the same.

There is a good chance this section will be updated in the near future.

I have added sections on permitting and problem snakes which is more restricted to South Africa, however some of the problem reptile pointers will apply internationally.

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