About Dewsbury Crafts

"Dewsbury CRAFTS cc" was originally formed to breed indigenous reptiles. Legislation passed in 2002 restricted permits and necessitated a broadening of the company's direction.

I have been a member of ERHA (East Rand Herpetological Association) since 1997, and served on the committee as assistant editor for 5 years, assistant permit controller for 1 year and permit controller for 2 years.

Unfortunately, whilst some of the tortoises were too badly injured or sick to recover, the remainder were homed with caring people, once rehabilitation was complete.

In order to broaden the company’s base, I presented educational talks to schools and similar institutions, in order that people might understand a little more about reptiles. Unfortunately, because of circumstances beyond my control I no longer do this sort of work.

However, despite the setback, we provided more advanced training for a few years. Issues between service providers, red tape and the likes we eventually gave up an uphill battle, and continued the site, but with few updates.

We have changed our outlook to make information more freely available and to cover even more than previously. Some of the stuff due to the amount of research and time to develop the information we are charging for, which can be seen under ebooks. Note, this is not to become an overnight millionaire, so please have a look, I think you will find our pricing reasonable. The information on this site is a scaled down version of what to expect in the ebooks.

Any information / photographs can be used from this web site provided credit is given to ourselves. 


Should you have any suggestions for the site or pick up any errors please notify me. I have attempted to make sure everything is correct, but I am sure some errors have crept in....