In time we will increase the amount of downloads for you. For now What is here is what you can get.

  1. Dewsbury Crafts Frog Screensaver
  2. Dewsbury Crafts Reptile Screensaver
  3. Dewsbury Crafts Nature Screensaver
  4. Dewsbury Crafts Tortoise Screensaver
  5. Dewsbury Crafts Snake Screensaver
  6. Dewsbury Crafts Snake Cage Design
  7. Dewsbury Crafts Basic Snake Husbandry
  8. Dewsbury Crafts Leopard Tortoise Diet Sheet - pdf
  9. Dewsbury Crafts Leopard Tortoise Edible Plants - pdf
  10. Dewsbury Crafts Leopard Tortoise care - ebook
  11. Dewsbury Crafts Leopard Tortoise Care Sheet - graphics
  12. Dewsbury Crafts Leopard Tortoise Care Sheet - no graphics

If you have useful papers or articles of your own that you would like to share with the reptile world please email them to us. We will review and post along with a link to your site. The same applies in return. Feel free to use this information on your site or to add them for download, but please include a link to our site. One thing is that this information is NOT intended for sale. It is for free for people to learn basics.

Sexing a snake?

Want instructions to sex a snakes, see Probing