Our ebooks

As was mentioned on our home page we used to be very active in reptile education and were also FGASA approved. We have since withdrawn from this, but the documentation is still around. We are in the process of developing the following ebook over the course of the next year which will be available at a nominal cost.

  1. Tortoise Husbandry
  2. Chelonia of South Africa
  3. Snakes of Northern South Africa
  4. South African Snake Quick ID
  5. Snake Husbandry - General
  6. After these we will be developing species specific husbandry series for tortoises and snakes, these will be for indigenous and exotic species.

Interested in other ebooks?

This will be online from end 2010 through www.edatamedia.com

This site will be hosting work by ourselves and other writers across the world not only on reptiles, but a number of subjects. Photographs by Fen Trike & Photo (royalty free) will also be available for sale off this site at a nominal cost and hopefully we will be able to get other photographers to allow us to distribute their material. Small images will be at no charge, but high resolution, large images will be for a fee.

Whats Coming Up

We will be developing a page for people to advertise their products, services and informational sites, along with links to places we have found to be very useful or great places to see.

Advertising will be done at a nominal rate. If you are interested in having an add placed with us in the future, please send us an email. As soon as pricing is concluded we will send you an email of the page, our latest site statistics and the applicable rate.