This is covering the basics and is by no means everything regarding husbandry. In time to come we will be producing more detailed husbandry ebooks per species and even general keeping. One thing to keep doing is researching and observing.

The more you get to know your specimen the sooner you will notice things are not quite right.....

Below are some screensavers you may want to install...Enjoy!

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Again these screensavers can be distributed, but please, free of charge.


Whats happening here?

This section is for the obvious, reptile care. It will include a range of aspects to look at when keeping snakes or tortoises, from cages, diet and even stimulation.
It must be noted that the information has been prepared based on South African weather conditions and weather cycles. For those in the chilly Northern hemisphere as pects such as heating are more critical and obviously your seasons are reversed.

Happy herping!