Caring for a Leopard Tortoise

As opposed to changing the document to work on this site so you can copy paste the whole lot, it was easier just to provide files for download (tabled below). These are freely distributable, but please leave reference to ourselves and certainly do not sell it on. It is a free document in the real meaning of the word, not the new internet version which is not so free....

Dietary recommendations (Leopard Tortoise - Geochelone pardalis) 18k Care (Leopard Tortoise - Geochelone pardalis) Ebook version 1.65Mb
Dietary recommendations of edible plants (Leopard Tortoise - Geochelone pardalis) 15kb Care (Leopard Tortoise - Geochelone pardalis) pdf care sheet with graphics 1.22Mb
hatchling tortoise Care (Leopard Tortoise - Geochelone pardalis) Pdf Version 267kb (no graphics)


Whats New

Future species and care sheets will be added in time. For now it is just for South Africa's common legally and illegally kept species.

The little guy in the photo was "bought" of two kids walking down the street saying they were going to eat them. Now how much nutrients and meat you will get off this is questionable. Don't think it would even fill the hole in a back tooth. Despite this ones size it is something often done in africa...