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Twiggy, The one who started it all


This site was historically focussed on the Natural History of South African Reptiles and their care. Given circumstances that’s discussed later, we will now be covering predominantly exotic species. Old indigenous data will be reworked, but the images are the bigger issue. Most were taken on an analogue camera or an early digital camera. The cost per pixel back then was crazy compared to the cell camera today. Under articles a range of other reptile or animal topics will be covered, often just to invoke thought.

I started in reptiles in 1997 due to one tortoise – Twiggy. A severely burnt, skinny Leopard Tortoise (Stigmochelys pardalis)Despite being able to see her breathe, the first night at the vet she laid eggs on the floor. It was decided that if an animal in such a state, can dig so deep in herself to do what she needed, despite her condition, we should give her a fighting chance. There were unfortunately a lot after her during the time I was able to undertake rehabilitation, until I gave up plot living post a brutal armed robbery.  

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It must be noted that some of these articles are of personal opinion and bias. Some of them have been published or only parts thereof.

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Over time we hope to add numerous articles covering a range of topics. Perhaps some will be controversial, thought provoking or simply my way of doing things/ that of another keeper. It is not to say these will be the only way(s), far from it. It is information in a growing field, developing products and methods of keeping/ husbandry. The most important thing is healthy animals, how you or anyone else gets there is up to them. There is enough nonsense in the world without belittlement on this site (if I open comments) or any other site for that matter. Rather ‘click on’ if you have nothing to say that is beneficial. We all human and mistakes happen, views differ and have our opinions, but things must be civil. Hostile environments on any site does nothing to aid beginners in asking questions, never mind other keepers with potential problems that could lead to the death or suffering of an animal.

Correct, I am not a reptile, but I prey on rodents as well. We do similar work in nature, I am just fortunately to be in the trees, be classified as the wise owl and have a nice cartoon record....therefore people like me more. Raptors can just stay further away from humans.