0007 – Nature vs Mankind

  • Post published:2023-02-04

Once again probably a controversial viewpoint brought on by a couple of events. One being the Instagram discussion with Dingo and Kevin (Nerd) regarding the events of the Rhino being killed at Wild Florida Safari Park, the other being Dingo and his view of entitlement of modern society. Lastly was various events in the last week that made me consider what most people have become in urban society in modern times. Sounds like one of those ‘when I were young moments’, which I suppose in a way it is.

Consideration of each other is becoming increasingly rare, and so is the tolerance to animals and nature. This is quite sad as a lot of these creatures can actually assist us in keeping other animals and insects away from us that are deemed as pests. Be this rodents or insects, there are animals that are considered unwanted that assist in keeping these in check. Brown House Snake (Boaedon capensis) as an example will eat more  rodents than the common house cat and do less damage to the environment. Dav Kaufman mentioned this in his YouTube video on the exotic reptiles in Florida regarding domestic cats.

As time has progressed as humans we have generally become more and more less tolerant, grateful and manurable to each other. Take for instance driving and letting someone change lanes in front of you. Slacken off and flash for them to pull in and they pull in as if it was there right cause the indicator was on (if you were lucky in SA), but they cant burn the calories to push the hazard button to say thank you or raise their hand. The exercise people are not much different if you give them a little extra space, or the horsy people just cant seem to raise their hands in thanks or nod the head. Motorcyclists are no better and it drive me insane being a rider myself. You can nod, lift a foot or a hand or do something to acknowledge someone’s kindness. Society is in time becoming more and more self involved yet wanting to receive more and more.

Animals on the other hand just remain mainly the same other than some degree of evolution/adaption. Take for instance a snake that hatches, it has no expectations of what it is going to get in life, it just knows it has to survive. It doesn’t need to collect a whole lot of things, it makes do with what its has and eats just what it needs to survive and grow. OK some animals will build a nest to raise their young, but it is enough to raise them, not more. Some species may have lards for winter times, but these are generally enough to get them through the winter / hard time. Waste is often limited, yet as humans we keep throwing, consuming and waste is plentiful. Even the intelligent species are not picking up from where the parents left off and wanting more. They are living the same life, excluding things such as territory and going down the road of genetic strengths. So many societies today the youth are almost running things cause of human rights nonsense.

Nature is all about protecting the strongest genetics. Be this from drought, floods, hurricanes or predation its nearly all focused on taking out the weak and strongest continue on. Now human nature has been the reverse and is about protecting the weak and lowering the standards to them. This could be getting a participation certificate, lowering pass rates, changing laws to stops various animals being kept as in Florida, but why protect the weak. Should it not be raise these people to excel more, lift them up to pass higher levels or prosecute the people who break laws harder. Is the restriction of rights to keep animals or whatever it is the authorities decide, even abortion, not an infringement on human rights as well. Just cause its passed in law its not infringing on our rights, yet it is. Rights belong on both side of the coin, and rather than making something illegal, ie the rules introduced in Florida for say Iguanas making them illegal. look at alternatives. Not to say this is the solution, but food for thought adjust the keeping methods, enclosures and bring in the people who are keeping so you have public and private participation. If people don’t meet the caging requirements, prosecute them to generate funds for Florida Wildlife, but have the laws that are sensible. Not stupid laws that if an animal has just defecated in the water and an inspector has it in for someone they can issue a penalty. Bring in less subjective ruling and conditions, educate people why the conditions and allow them to improve their keeping before confiscation. It should be peoples rights to keep the animals, but also peoples rights to be protected from them and their environments. A very difficult balance to achieve, blanket bans doesn’t come close to achieving this.

Consideration of people and saying a simple thank you can go a long way to changing society. Less judgmental and greed will be an even bigger bonus followed by allowing people to live their lives. You aren’t living their life, so let them live their own life. Our continuous wants and lack of tolerance for nature or what doesn’t fit our life is what is making our urban environments less natural and better environments for creatures such as roaches, rats & mice. Try pass on the kindness and consideration even if to one person wider than you, and maybe they can do the same to them and so it could spread.