About Us

As previous visitors will know we used to offer reptile training and handling courses. Sadly due to circumstances well beyond our power we have had to stop this. Before you think it was due to illegal activity, it was a rare virus that got into the collection from a “wild caught” specimen. I was told by the source it had been through their quarantine and had not gone into the main collection. This later was found out not to be the case and when the virus reared its ugly head, destroyed my collection of over 150 specimens in approximately a month. By the time the specialists had isolated the virus 90% were dead, but the remaining specimens could not be treated in the advanced phase of the virus. To add salt into my wounds the only way I could keep snakes again was to move and destroy all cages etc… which was not financially viable. This will be covered in more depth in the Blog.

Twiggy, the  Leopard Tortoise (Stigmochelys pardalis) was found at a kennel by one of the labourers in December 1997, severely burnt to the point you could see her breathing… Well after a few months at the Onderstepoort Bird & Exotic Animal Clinic she came back home. During this time we did all the required permitting, but we also tried to find out a lot on the husbandry of tortoises. To say the least it was very lacking. After many months asking people, reading and browsing on an old 14.4 modem we were able to get the information required. From this we created an ebook thats another project to be recreated to work on modern software. Despite all the fight in the world I was unable to get a tortoise specific rehabilitation permit. That in combination with the virus & giving up plot life, we withdrew completely for many years from reptiles. They not conducive to a security complex. 

The website lay stagnant for many years due to a number of things, but now we are back and developing the site with our host, Cubenet. Currently due to permit restrictions we keep exotic, non AIS (Alien Invasive Species) species. Its not the same as keeping indigenous. This may be due to a personal bias that African species are more fun, but the education aspect is not possible that we did at schools and various shows or shopping centres. That for me held a special place along with reptile removal, but permitting etc… I rather not have the hassle.

Rinkhals that was killed by a car in front of me on a catch. Sad to see a predator of vermin needlessly killed.