Dewsbury Exotics

This is under construction and will mainly focus on what we are doing now. It is as it says, exotics but the collection is too young to be breeding. We still a few years off this, but we will start to develop the section for information and projects on the go (2022/ 2023).  See husbandry for some basic keeping information.

The main reason for exotic species is due to the difficulty of permit legislation in the province. I have just opted not to fight the system and keep what I can. One has enough issues with a regular day job and normal life without having to deal with more issues associated with government bodies. 

The sad thing with it is I think KZN, South Africa has it in a more sensible way. You can keep indigenous without a permit and exotics (AIS) need a permit. If an indigenous species escapes there is no risk to the environment, just seems more sensible.

Closeup of an Exotic Juvenile Uracoan Rattlesnake
Uracoan Rattlesnake - Crotalus vegrandis