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Puff Adder eating in newspaper lined cage
Puff Adder - Bitis arietans

Download Data

As mentioned, all of the download data is free to download and distribute. They are there for the benefit of the hobby and the animals. The specific methods may not suit you, there are other ways, we know this. We are just providing some information for people to start off with, maybe try, adapt etc… If you prefer your own method of husbandry, that’s great, keep to it, it works for you.

We need to rather support each other and be on the same side as opposed to slander and bashing each other. Rather move on and be quiet if you don’t agree. If the download data is not what you need, just delete it and go on about your day. There is too much negativity out there in the world and in SA we have our own issues, like Eskom or the lack thereof. Lets rather enjoy the hobby and the positives thereof. Having said that, don’t ignore cruelty.

Some download data that will be coming up

  • Basic Snake Husbandry
  • Enclosure Design
  • Dietary Recommendations – Leopard Tortoise
  • Leopard Tortoise – Detailed edible plant listing
  • Leopard Tortoise Care Sheet

Information that is available now. This is just a method of logging data, there are apps out there that can be used as well.