0002 – Respect Wildlife

  • Post published:2022-07-27

The poor specimen that caused this article to be written was a sad removal back in September 2003

I had stopped on the road and the specimen was in front of the car. It had moved from the callers property to the road. I went to catch it and it moved further into the road and I flagged the oncoming vehicle to slow/ stop. Unfortunately this individual changed the trajectory to directly over the snake. No oncoming traffic, plenty of space to go around, but instead deliberately avoided me and the homeowner and went straight over it. The one ‘blessing’ after I had flipped many birds and sent many expletives in their direction was the specimen passed quickly.

What a waste and what did this fool gain from killing a link in the ecological chain. One has to question the motive behind individuals who do this intentionally. Accidentally is a different story and this happens whether we like it or not. These animals are required in the environmental chain and they take out rodents that we bring in to our areas cause of refuse etc…

Excuse the scan quality – one of those aspects of the old technology just not being on a par of today and I don’t have the original article anymore. 🙁