0000 – Welcome

  • Post published:2022-05-07

The start of the blog. I am not making any promises to x amount of posts per month, week etc…  What I will say is that the initial posts are going to be reworks of old articles from the original site. So in essence these are around 15-20 years old. . . ‘When I were young’

What I will say is that the topics in the future are by no means going to be the way things have to be done. It will be viewpoints on a range of subjects, be it on husbandry, species. environmental or even nonsense occurring on the net. Most times it is playing devils advocate to promote thought on a subject, look at things differently. It would be totally hypocritical for me to say pro environment and don’t do this and that when I am involved in construction, drive a car and have a PC etc… I am putting my footprint on the earth, but there are things we can all do to reduce this impact.

At this stage comments are not open due to time to manage them, but in time we may open it up. However, whether here, or on any other site, rather leave objective comments and viewpoints that people can learn from. Belittlement and bashing of people is just not required or of any benefit for anyone. The bigger thing is this will put off the people wanting to start out in the hobby, especially the youth and shy individuals. If you don’t like a site, YoutTuber or what people are saying on a forum, just move on and don’t support it. Same as if you don’t like a show on TV, you change it to what you want to watch. Having said that, if there is a gross error, say for instance someone posts a Rinkhals is semi-venomous…., you can correct the statement without bashing the hell out of the person who posted it. Just be civil, life is too short for unnecessary nonsense. Keep it positive.